Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Retail Video: Houston Mall

Ill Mall Housto (2006)

Here's another cool dead mall video (Houston Mall) I came across a while back and found interesting and wanted to share here.

This one comes courtesy of YouTuber, wkat950, who shot and edited it himself, and I think he did a nice job--I'd have picked some different music myself, though, since this piece was already used to good effect in one of the Dixie Square Mall teasers I posted a while back.

But it does have kind of a lonely, haunting feel to it, much like the aforementioned Dixie Square clips I've featured here in the past (like this one). Here's the uploader's description:
"A video of the Houston Mall in Warner Robins, GA. Houston Mall opened in 1972 and was extremely busy even after Macon Mall opened 3 years later. Its tenants included Sears, Belk-Matthews, WT Grant, and on the strip wing Winn-Dixie. Elmore's discount store and Eckerd Drugs were near the Grant court along with Chick-Fil-A.

In 1994 the Galleria opened down the street and siphoned most tenants out. Today Houston Mall is slowly trying to populate its spaces. Houston Medical Center rents a third of the mall including the old Sears. The rest of the tenants are the Municipal Court, a few medical offices, beauty-related stores, a home decor store, a used office furniture store, and the Air Force Reserve Band.

Despite a stated 85% occupancy (per July newspaper article) the mall is still a 'dead' mall."


Blogger Retro Attic said...

Wow, I thought stuff like medical offices taking over only happened at my home town mall. I didn't know it was happening at others!

Sun Apr 22, 07:43:00 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Oh man, I remember the Houston Mall. I remember when Eckerd's (a pharmacy now I think it's called Rite Aid) was there and when also a restaurant named Eckerd's being right next door. I was so sad when both of those stores closed. I remember going alot to the old Houston Mall

Sat Jan 09, 05:16:00 PM  

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