Monday, November 27, 2006

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'Cyber Monday' kicks off online holiday shopping - Mon, Nov. 27, 2006

(Excerpt) Now that the dust has settled at the nation's malls from the Black Friday frenzy, it's time for Cyber Monday, the ceremonial kickoff to the online holiday shopping season.

Nearly 61 million consumers plan to shop online from home or at work today -- up from 51.7 million people last year -- in what is expected to be one of the biggest online retail days of the year, according to the, the online wing of the National Retail Federation.

"Shoppers who fought the crowds at the mall all weekend will find a welcome reprieve online on Cyber Monday,'' said Phil Rist, vice president of strategy for BIGresearch, which conducted the survey over the weekend. "Consumers who couldn't find what they were looking for in the stores will be flooding Web sites on Cyber Monday to shop for holiday gifts, research products and compare prices.''

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