Thursday, June 28, 2007

International Malls: Fairview Mall

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - circa 1970s

Seventies multi-view postcard depicting Fairview Mall in Toronto, Ontario. America or not, these are exactly the kind of gaudy, groovy old shopping mall photos I dig, so this one's going right here at the top today! Fairview Mall opened in 1972 and is still going strong--currently undergoing a major renovation. Here's an aerial view, and some Fairview Wikipedia notes:
"The mall opened in 1972 with the Bay and Simpson's as its department store anchors. It was the fourth fully-enclosed and the first multi-level mall in Metropolitan Toronto. The Hudson's Bay Company, parent company of the Bay, purchased Simpson's in 1978. In 1991, it sold the Simpson's store in Fairview (along with five others that were co-located with the Bay) to Sears Canada."

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Anonymous didi said...

Gaudy? I think not! The colors are very rich and vivid.From the flowers to the paint slapped against the words of that department store in the right hand corner, I say they are all beautys.

Thu Jun 28, 02:17:00 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

Well, the colors, design, dress... they look kinda' gaudy to me.

But then, you should know by now that when I say something's "gaudy" it's a GOOD thing. ;)

Fri Jun 29, 01:39:00 AM  
Anonymous didi said...

Still doesn't seem gaudy to me for some reason even if it is good gaudy. LOL!

Sat Jun 30, 11:25:00 AM  
Blogger higgy04 said...

I hate to say this but Fairview Mall actually opened in 1970. I know this because my parents were actually at the Grand Opening in the summer that year. I was born the next year and we never travelled anywhere in 1972. They remember seeing a replica of the Hudson Bay Company's ship Nonsuch being put on display to celebrate The Bay's 300th Aniversary. They have a decanter of the Nonsuch that states the anniversary of HBC. Sorry Wikipedia.

Checked out the mall's website to find out they're undergoing an $84 million (CDN) renovation.

Sat Jun 30, 02:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, Keith? Fairview Mall in the 1970s! Wow, you are awesome. I found your blog because I was googling old department store restaurants in Canada.

I went to Fairview for the first time after the food court was totally redone. The first time I went to Fairview was probably 1990. I don't remember it much.

I hope you can post some pictures of other Canadian malls built in the '60s and '70s like Scarborough Town, Centerpoint, Hillcrest.

Tue Oct 16, 12:30:00 AM  
Blogger aleina said...

flowers are very rich and beautiful. Design and colorus very great. This is Awesome! Thank you so much.


Fri Sep 03, 12:27:00 AM  
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Blogger Viviene Tan said...

I didn't yet see this Fairview Mall in Canada but I am hoping that I will visit and shop there someday. I want also to have fun in this mall. Thanks for sharing this post!

Mon Oct 22, 11:16:00 PM  

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