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The Daily Mall Reader: Houston Mall revamps

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Houston Mall revamps to survive, thrive

The Macon Telegraph - July 20, 2006

(Excerpt) Where shoppers in Warner Robins used to buy Kenmore washers and Craftsman tools, patients needing to check their blood count and their oxygen level now go in for evaluations and treatment.

Where browsers once thumbed through the latest best-selling novels, drivers caught violating the click-it-or-ticket seatbelt law wait to see if the judge will throw the book at them.

Where moms would bring the kids to try on back-to-school clothes, the Air Force Reserve Band practices for its next performance.

Where thousands of folks got their prescriptions filled, clerks now process your hospital bills.

This is the new old Houston Mall.

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Blogger TwinThomas said...

I enjoyed this article !
I grew up in WR and the Houston Mall was the place in town to go. I bought my 1st album there and spent allot of time in the bookstore. My grandfather often enjoyed a cup of coffee at the restaurant next to Eckards's (or was it part of it?) sitting a watching people for hours.
The shiny Centerville mall may soon lose it's luster... with the growth on 96.
It is so good to see the Houston Mall still being used and maintained. I can only wish then the very best !

Sun Jan 07, 06:48:00 AM  
Blogger KAT said...

I remember the Houston Mall in its glory. I remember one of the first visits there in December '72. It had a stationery store with scented candles, an art store, a Dipper Dan, Orange Julius, Chick Fil A and the Sears and WT Grants. A toy store and bookstore were in the Grants/Belk's court.

The Eckerd's did have a wonderful snack bar. Their burgers were good. Finally there was Elmore's (discount store) and Sears. The strip had a Radio Shack and Winn Dixie.

WT Grant's went under in '74 or so and Macon Mall let a little steam out of Houston Mall. Part of the Grants became a hallway for a game room and small shops.

Indeed Houston Mall is trying to reinvent itself (some parts need revamping). This is while the Galleria, which was a skeleton for a few years before '94, is slowly losing tenants.

Look for Houston Mall to hang on while the Galleria is bulldozed to be a power center. Also check Youtube for a video on Houston Mall.


Mon Jan 08, 09:37:00 PM  
Blogger Allison said...

We need pictures of this mall here! I went there one day while I was going to an appointment at the Healthcare Pavilion that occupies one side of this old mall. Very retro! The mall is tiny inside now, only one long corridor. When you first walk in, what struck me first was the mirrored ceiling! This mall doesn't look like it's been touched inside since the 70's-80's - it's glorious!

Fri Dec 26, 10:10:00 PM  

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