Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Daily Mall Reader: Holiday Malling

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It's Christmas, God bless a mall
Euan Ferguson braves Europe's largest shopping centre - and keeps his seasonal goodwill intact

Guardian Unlimited - Sunday December 19, 2004

(Excerpt) I'm sure I was just lucky. I'm sure, by today, the pink mackerel skies which hung over Kent yesterday will have turned to sleeting hell, as the pink mackerel ones often do. Inside the Bluewater Shopping Centre, 10,000 angry shoppers will be yelling profanities and bursting bunions, and road rage will have broken out in at least one of the multitude of car parks. But yesterday, by some miracle, I didn't quite go insane.

I was prepared for the worst. Bluewater, Europe's largest shopping centre, on the Saturday before Christmas. Kent. Near Dartford, in fact. No fewer than 320 stores, 40 cafes and after your day's shopping, if you unaccountably haven't decided to cut out your own lungs with a flensing knife, you can stay overnight at the Holiday Inn, Bexley.

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