Monday, August 07, 2006

New Comment Index - July 28 - August 3, 2006

Here are all the posts that received new comments last week! (newest entry to oldest)

Note: I'm aware I've missed the past two prior weeks' comment indexes. I'll do a single post containing both in the next day or two to keep it all caught up. Because, again, I do feel it's especially important to know when those older posts from the archives are receiving new comments. Hope you guys agree and do find this useful--otherwise, I wouldn't waste my time with the rather tedious task. :)

Harundale Mall (8/03/2006)
Conestoga Mall (8/03/2006)
Oxford Valley Mall (8/03/2006)
NorthPark Center (8/02/2006)
Northridge Mall (7/31/2006)
Oakbrook Center (7/31/2006)
Mall del Norte (7/31/2006)
Winter Park Mall (7/29/2006)
Retro Video - The Front Line (1965) (7/29/2006)
Exton Square Mall (7/29/2006)
Mayfield Mall (7/28/2006)
Dixie Square "The Dead Mall" Promo (7/28/2006)
Tacoma Mall (7/27/2006)
Coral Ridge Mall (7/27/2006)
Dadeland Mall (7/26/2006)
Dadeland Mall (7/25/2006)
Levittown Shopping Center (7/24/2006)
Midtown Plaza mall "Clock of the Nations" (7/21/2006)
Northgate Mall - The Bon Marche (7/21/2006)
Kennedy Mall (7/20/2006)
Pompano Fashion Square Mall (7/18/2006)
Cinderella City Mall (7/12/2006)
Tacoma Mall (7/05/2006)
Palm Beach Mall (6/29/2006)
Cherry Hill Mall (5/06/2006)
Lakewood Center (4/22/2006)
Valley River Center (4/20/2006)
Northgate Mall (4/15/2006)
Palm Beach Mall (4/15/2006)
Windsor Park Mall - "The Final Call" (3/28/2006)
Gimbels Westchester (3/09/2006)
Topanga Plaza Shopping Center (10/14/2005)


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