Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MOA Galleria - Retro Christmas Store

Topsfield, Massachusetts - circa 1960s

The retail halls are certainly decked in this festive photo! Enjoy this groovy interior view of a Christmas City Store (never heard of those myself), in the 1960s. Not a shopping mall here (though for all I know it might have been in a mall or shopping center), but just a fun picture I thought would be appropriate for this time of year.

This shot puts me in mind of a great Christmas store near my neck of the woods in Warren, Michigan, called, Young's Christmas Fantasy, that's been a must-see holiday favorite around these parts for many, many years.

I have great childhood memories of our family all piling into the station wagon back in the '70s and heading over to Young's, so we could see the famously huge Santa castle they always erected outside in the parking lot (photo at left), as well as to walk around inside the store, that was always (and is still to this day) a magical wonderland of Christmas lights, wall-to-wall decorations, and trees! They still do the castle, too, bless their jolly old hearts. :)


Blogger labelscar said...

Weird. Topsfield is a relatively rural town with almost no retail, although it's somewhat close to the retail hub of Peabody and Danvers, which have one mall each. I would imagine this is in the building currently occupied by Petco (the only retail building of its type in town) which is kind of a little mini-mall that caters to animal-related things. It's near a large stables/fair complex and is sort of targeted towards agribusiness. What a strange thing!

Wed Dec 20, 09:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a Christmas City in Paramus, NJ Long gone now.

Wed Dec 20, 01:41:00 PM  

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