Friday, October 27, 2006

MOA Galleria - Chris-Town Art Show

Phoenix, Arizona - circa 1970s

Art show time at Chris-Town Mall! I remember back in the '70s and '80s it was actually a pretty common occurrence to walk into the local mall and find it had been almost entirely taken over by zombies... er, I mean "mall shows". Art shows, antique shows, coin shows, boat shows, baseball card shows, and the like, they were all welcomed at the malls in those days.

That practice pretty much fizzled out in the '90s at most of my local malls, and is quite rare to see now. But during the 1980s, especially, it seemed there was some kind of mall show going on nearly every weekend around my house. And this photograph above kind of reminds me of those days.

More Chris-Town Mall: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

(image courtesy of Phoenix, Arizona vintage photos)


Blogger BIGMallrat said...

Seems like those type of shows are only found at dead or dying malls, now.
Course, with the kiosks now crammed in today's malls, there is no room for a travelling show.

Fri Oct 27, 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Cora said...

You still find shows of this type in German malls from time to time. There is one local mall that regularly hosts flower shows, motorbike shows, crafts shows and the like. Though the trend seems to go towards stands and tables selling the same sort of crap in the aisles that they're already already selling in the mall shops anyway.

Sat Oct 28, 06:23:00 PM  

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