Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Retro Mall Video: Mays Department Store Commercial

Mays store TV commercial (1979)

Retro 1979 TV commercial for the popular New York-area Mays department store chain. From everything I've read, Mays sounds like it was a pretty cool department store with lots of colorful character. And I really dig their commercials and catchy jingle! "Every day's a sale day at Mays!"

Best of all, this ad features the ubiquitous Proctor-Silex coffee makers, which were so common in the kitchen back when I was growing up in the 1970s (along with the very groovy Poly*Perks, of course)!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring on the retro!

Wed Aug 01, 05:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! I remember that commercial! That store in the commercial was in fishkill NY. I think the structure is still there, but abandoned.

MAYS had a few other stores, bu the one in the spot is definitely the one at Fishkill.

It was an anchor there, and they went out of business in 81-86 time-zone.

Yep it was a cool store too, unexplainable, but somehow cool. It had 2 floors, set up inside like a raised concourse, and you could see all around the place.

Ohhh for the years long gone! Thanks for the memorbielia!

Sat Aug 04, 09:23:00 AM  
Blogger Pseudo3D said...

Is this the same Mays that merged to be Robinsons-May and is now Macy's?

Sun Aug 05, 07:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, I think Mays was a completely different chain in New York only than the May Co. which I believe is what you are referring to.

Wed Aug 08, 04:16:00 PM  
Anonymous viagra online said...

I think that retro commercial are way cooler the most of the commercials right now. They could lie and it would have impact later on.

Mon May 16, 02:24:00 PM  

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