Friday, May 04, 2007

The Daily Mall Reader: Shopping Malls Ban Break Dancing

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"Breaking Through to Big Profits"
A craze born in the ghetto becomes a whirling cash dance

TIME Magazine - Monday, Oct. 01, 1984

(Excerpt) Break dancing has been banned from certain shopping malls, sidewalks and no doubt countless living rooms as a public nuisance. But the ghetto-born dance fad, with its twirls, windmills and head spins, has shown remarkable staying power. As a result, dozens of entrepreneurs are making a fast break to cash in on its widespread popularity among teenagers by spinning off such accessories as clothing, how-to books and video games.

Wrangler, the jeansmaker, in January will begin selling its Wrapid Transit collection of break-dancing fashions in red, purple, blue and black. The twill pants ($25) will be loosely tailored in the legs and reinforced in the seat and knees. The jackets ($30) will be sleeveless, with six pockets. Van Doren Rubber of Anaheim, Calif, has produced a special red-black-and-white version of its Vans wrestling shoe ($32), designed for break dancing's fast footwork.

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