Thursday, November 23, 2006

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Fortunes on the Mall

TIME Magazine - Friday, Mar. 1, 1968

(Excerpt) Oklahoma-born Gerri Von Frellick reached Denver 16 years ago with a $2 bill and $643,000 in debts, the wreckage of his overextended Texas construction company. Since then, Von Frellick, 51, has amassed a multimillion-dollar fortune by becoming one of the nation's more venturesome developers of shopping centers (two in Denver, one each in Dallas, San Antonio, Amarillo, Texas, and Boulder, Colo.).

Last week, in the Denver suburb of Englewood, more than 5,000 workmen labored in three shifts around the clock to finish his latest and largest creation, 75-acre, $50 million Englewood-Cinderella City, in time for its scheduled March 7 opening. On the other side of town, Perl-Mack Construction Co., Denver's largest builder of tract homes, was putting the final touches on 73-acre, $20 million Northglenn Mall, due to open a week later.

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Blogger Scott Parsons said...

Wow, they were unanimous that free parking would disappear at malls by the year 2000.
Guess they were wrong on that!

Tue Nov 28, 04:37:00 PM  

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