Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cherry Hill Shopping Center

I'm really breaking out one of the big guns now! I give you a taste of the Cherry -- Cherry Hill Mall, at long last...

Cherry Hill, New Jersey - 1960's

From postcard: "View of part of the huge Cherry Hill Shopping Center, the unique shopping world of over 100 stores and shops all under one roof with enormous parking facilities for over 10,000 cars."

And look! There's a nice outside shot of the Woolworth's in the mall, as well as the oh-so-cool Harvest House cafeteria! Remember those? :)

Cherry Hill, New Jersey - 1960's

From postcard: "On the Mall ... at the Cherry Hill Shopping Center! View of the colorful and delightfully exotic tropical gardens of Cherry Court amid this unique shopping world of over 100 stores and shops all under one roof, completely air conditioned and heated for year-round comfort."

I love this shot! It's sort of like you died and went to heaven, isn't it? Look, there's an angel waiting for you over at the, er, wooden bridge (who needs pearly gates, right?)! But wait a minute--we are at the right place, right?! This is heaven, isn't it? Cuz Hell could easily look like this, too, I think! Heheh.


Blogger professionalwannabe said...

i really like this site a lot. is it possible that if possible(and if you find any), could you post some old pictures and/or postcards of some of the malls/shopping centers i grew up going to in the Chicago area, such as the Brickyard Mall, Golf Mill, Harlem-Irving Plaza, or Old Orchard? thanks a lot!

Fri Aug 19, 10:22:00 PM  
Blogger professionalwannabe said...

i also especially liked looking at the North Park Mall pics you just posted earlier this week, btw. i'd love to stop by there if i ever make it to Dallas someday, as i think the design of North Park looks fantastic(and its nice that it hasn't been compromised, unlike what's happened to many other malls in recent renovations).

Fri Aug 19, 10:27:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember going to opening day at the Cherry Hill Mall. Dad, mom, us kids AND our dog (on a leash) went through and were dumbstruck.
In the middle of the mall, there was an enormous cage filled with monkeys! At the far end, there was a mini amusement park with rides and games of chance.

Sun Aug 28, 07:41:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandmother worked here at Strawbidge and Clothier when I was a kid.Every fall she would take me to shop for school clothes.The highlight of the trip was for me was eating in the employees cafeteria.

Mon Sep 05, 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger Pax Romano said...

The Cherry Hill AND Moorestown malls on one web site --- have I died and gone to heaven?

Sat Nov 26, 09:39:00 AM  
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